DIAGO TABANDA gdańsk 인더스트리얼 다이닝 룸 의자 & 벤치
DIAGO TABANDA gdańsk 인더스트리얼 다이닝 룸 의자 & 벤치

DIAGO means diagonal! Some say that creating a chair is a designer’s ultimate challenge. For us it meant our heads were steaming with ideas and solutions. One thing is certain – we are truly proud of DIAGO! When coming up with DIAGO we decided to go beyond our plywood world. We allowed for Japanese origami influences and let loose a set of lines and planes that could make any Antwerpian diamond cutter proud. It never gets boring! We have hired an orchestra of colours, conducted by professional painters. You can choose sunny yellow, pastel blue, mint green, coral red, white gray, blue-gray and graphite gray.

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