Edelstahl Atelier Crouse - individuelle Gartentore: Oberasbach bei Nürnberg 디자이너
Edelstahl Atelier Crouse – individuelle Gartentore

Edelstahl Atelier Crouse –…

Edelstahl Atelier Crouse – individuelle Gartentore
Edelstahl Atelier Crouse - ...
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Californian Design meets German Engineering.

 We are exclusive Stainless Steel Designers, Californian and Franken born and based in Germany with over 30 years of Design and Stainless Steel experience. We design products to match those of their client’s feelings, fantasies and convictions.

"Thinking Designing and Creating outside of the box."

We understand the value of quality, innovation and the soothing power the visual plays on the inner-self today as well as understanding how complicated the world has become and how stressful and fast paced life has become, and this is very important to them. Our works and designs live and give something in return. Each project is an extension of the customer themselves and a statement as to who they are if you will. Every functional design project is a unique, handcrafted one of a kind unit with utmost attention to detail, quality and finished work. There designs begin in the "mind’s eye" and continue on to the Drawing board. Our work is truly unique, and the likes found nowhere else. We are the product of a lifetime of experience and endless hours spent on experimentation that has resulted in a truly unique product. Only when the customer is satisfied does the project continue into the production phase. The clients themselves have a direct influence on the development of the projects, as it should be.

Whether built in 3D layer for layer construction, built and surfaced by hand consisting of up to 7 layers or as a single layer, front and back are exactly the same. ("No back side") Each piece is engineered so that there are few visible welding, very sturdy and completely solid. All Stainless Steel work are built from 304 grade Stainless steel (1.4301) and are well suited for non-salty environments. 316L (1.4571 and 1.4404) alloy is available at an adjusted price for usage along coastal areas or in other salted environments such as in snowy regions where salt is used to melt snow.

A wonderful accent to one’s entrance, the gates and railings change their look depending your angle of vision, their lighting reflection where their color changes due to the grinding, layering techniques and surrounding environment. Controlled and colored lighting also have a tremendous effect on their appearance so they can be enjoyed in the evening as well as in the daylight.

회사 수상내역
We Design, Create and deliver to the German and International Comunity.
Bachstr. 9
90522 Oberasbach bei Nürnberg
+49-9118107749 www.edelstahl-atelier.de
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Wir haben im letzten Jahr div. Inneneinrichtungsobjekte bei der Firma Edelstahl Atelier Crouse gekauft. Erfahrungen waren äußerst positiv. Haben uns vom ersten Augenblick an mit unseren Wünschen aufgehoben und verstanden gefühlt. Planung, Konzept, Kreativität, Umsetzung und Preis hat alles bestens gepasst! Das Ehepaar Crouse ist sehr herzlich, natürlich und sehr angenehm im Umgang mit uns gewesen."Franken trifft USA"....perfekte Mischung, sollte man unbedingt kennenlernen ;-) Danke nochmals !
대략 5 년 전
프로젝트 날짜: 6월 2013
Wir arbeiten seit Jahren mit Karin und John zusammen, es gibt kein "Metaller", der soviel Gespür für Ästhetik, Design und Technik hat. Wir haben schon unzählige Projekte realisiert, Treppengeländer, Monitorverkleidungen, Kaminverkleidungen, Tisch -und Bankfüsse, Messecounter und unzählige einzelne individuelle Anfertigungen. Es war und ist eine Freude mit euch Zusammenzuarbeiten und ich hoffe wir haben noch viele Wünsche unserer Kunden die wir gemeinsam realisieren können. Axel Erdmann Design Manufaktur GmbH
대략 5 년 전
Von der Planung und Besprechung, über Zeichnung und Durchführung, sowie dem persönlichen Kontakt, waren wir vollkommen Zufrieden! Auf all unsere Wünsche wurde eingegangen.
대략 5 년 전
프로젝트 날짜: 12월 2013

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