Sanskriti Architects
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Very much passionate and talented architect with creative and innovative ideas. As a dancer, the most important space in the house is the practice area which was designed and build very beautifully keeping in mind the requirements and needs of a dancer. The design of our home gives a positive energy by utilising the sunlight and maximizing the air flow. The firm helped us to manage the construction and interior design of the house from the beginning onwards. With their supervision, we could continue the construction even on those times when we couldn't come to the site. Highly recommended.
4 달 전
Mr Sujith was totally dedicated to his work and has been altogether helpfull during the construction of my house. He had a penchant for perfection and was always improving the designs in achieving the same. The bunch of contractors recomended by him, part of his team, were also sincere and good. The constrction went smooth despite me being away for most part of the construction. The credit for this is due entirely to him.
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Incredibly talented Architect for customized and aesthetic designs. Passionate to deliver a qualitative project as per the concept design. Skilled and sensible contractors, under strong supervision of the firm. Even though we were away, the firm never took our peace of mind during the entire phase of construction. Dear Sujith, you are exceptional in professionalism, patience and in quality of deliverables. Thank you for crafting our new home at Maradu, which is beyond our expectations.
9 달 전
Sanskriti is a superb Architects I am absolutely delighted with our new build home in Vechoor Insightful and Judicious design Excellent service Mr Sujith was exceptional from starting to end with his design spending time in listening what we want I would definitely recommend Sanskriti to my friends and relatives 🙏🏾💐💐💐💐💐
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No words to express his talent... Just one line " A Man Full Of Talent"
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