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Girl About The House
Girl About The House

Girl About The House

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Girl About The House
Girl About The House
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Who is the Girl About The House?

Girl About The House is a partnership between myself (Jan Rothwell) and my husband John, who works alongside me.

The business has evolved over the last 25 years or so and has had various forms. 

I have always been interested in art and design,  I was fascinated by new trends, and envied designers because they had a job doing what they loved.

Interior design at this time was too expensive for most people. During the 1970′s, 1980′s and early 90's, there was not the access to affordable products, so i began advising people informally about how to make the best of their homes, using colour and accessories. 

Over the years, especially whilst at home with two young children, I continued to improve my skills, working on my own homes, reading essential info and advising people. I had always sewed my own clothes to make them different, so it was easy to extend my skills and I started making and decorating soft furnishings, cushions, curtains, duvet covers, lampshades etc.

Together with my husband John we renovated, restored and refurbished houses in various areas of the country over a number of years including one in Italy.

During this time (early 90's)I qualified as an Interior Designer and a painter and decorator. I found myself not only designing and decorating people’s homes to live in, but also spending time advising people who were moving house, how to make the best of their home in order to sell or rent it quickly. 10 years later a programme appeared on the television doing exactly the same thing.

When I started my first business ‘Ideas on a Shoestring’ providing interior design advice at affordable prices,  I contracted out the work to various people, but I realised that I felt more fulfilled carrying out the decorating myself and that it was the only way to guarantee that the work met my exacting standards! So I resolved not to subcontract but to see every job through personally along with my husband John.

Whilst doing this work,  I realised how many ladies were nervous of having male workers in their homes. This gave me the idea to set up a female decorating service and I called this company ‘Girl About The House’ which has thrived. Even I was surprised at the level of demand but I always felt there was a greater need out there. 

I decide that I need to diversify again if I wanted to continue to have a unique service. The best of both worlds. As a result I decided to run a combined one stop shop, advising on interior design, product sourcing and purchase, home staging, decorating, joinery, plumbing, electrical services and tiling.  

John's electrical qualifications, also vast experience of plumbing and joinery,  meant that our business was a great success.

Consultations are based on high street prices, which means affordability. We rely on word-of-mouth and have worked hard to build a reputation so our standard of work is very high. Our combined and varied skills mean that we are able to adapt items to your requirements, where possible. 

We love a challenge and the satisfaction of making you happy in your home. Our one stop shop approach is popular, because it cuts out any friction between designers and tradespeople, creating a stress free environment for you.

We thrive on a challenge and would welcome your project queries.  

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Best of HOUZZ 2017 award for customer service
41 Knowsley Crescent
SK1 4JB Stockport
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