BE playful: Bundang 어린이 용품
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BE playful
BE playful

BE playful

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BE playful
BE playful
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When I was a child,
I had a small room where I loved to spend time for playing, drawing and reading.
This tiny space was the perfect playground to express my feelings and stretch imaginations
and I liked the feeling when all the pieces came together.

I believe that our children should enjoy decorating their own space with
growing imaginations and emotions
so the works of this brand are designed to delight and to inspire our children.
A space where dreams flourish, a space where imagenations pop,
these are motivations for BE playful.

Now, listen  to the story of BE playful and learn more about its works.

from Director.

서비스 지역
  • Seoul
  • korea
  • Bundang
  • Pangyo
회사 수상내역
2013 Hongik University IDAS Degree Show I 2014 DesignKorea2014
1F, 605-6, Baekhyeon-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
463-420 Bundang
Prof pin.png%7c37.379787,127

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