Luxury Chandelier LTD


Unit 10E/1 Maidenhead Road
RG42 6EJ Bracknell


I had an AWESOME experience at Luxury Chandelier! They gave all of the answers to my questions - promptly and were very helpful in guiding me to my purchase. I would definitely recommend Luxury Chandelier to anyone looking to buy the finest lighting.
3 년 전
프로젝트 날짜: 8월 2019
Wall Light Fontana looks absoulety stunning in our dining room. Product is really handmade! You can see every single details. THANK YOU LUXURY CHANDELIER
대략 4 년 전
프로젝트 날짜: 1월 2019
I was so happy with their chandeliers. I bought 3 of Artu chandelier collection in different sizes. They look beautiful and project a lot of light off lamp shade. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
대략 4 년 전
프로젝트 날짜: 11월 2018