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Had an ethernet cable installation booked a week and half in advance only to be called the day before to be told the job isn't possible when the guy on the phone said it's a simple job. Even though they have a dedicated Weston-super-Mare site I was told it's too far to travel to WSM, and because of covid it wouldn't be possible to check if the job was actually viable. The woman who called me was looking for every opportunity not to do the job. Have found another company now, book elsewhere if you want to save time.
6 달 전
Extremely helpful on the phone and fixed my problem the same day. Great service and highly recommended
9 달 전
Excellent service from Katherine and Darren. Great work with installing TV on the wall and going above and beyond to hide the wiring and a bit of plastering to cover holes from previous mounting. Delighted and would strongly recommend
8 달 전