Excelente servicio, lograron hacer un diseño excepcional para mis oficinas. Trabajando en conjunto con un equipo siempre atento a mis necesidades. Se convirtieron en mis arquitectos de confianza.
3 년 전
프로젝트 날짜: 6월 2018
It was an amazing experience to work with BodinBodin Architects. They have the style and the right knowledge when it comes to turning your dreams into a reality. Being able to design my apartment with Architect Andre was everything. Thank you so much for your time, your advice and of course for my department. Thank you to the team as well!
3 년 전
프로젝트 날짜: 9월 2017
Muy satisfecho,el equipo de Bodin Bodin arquitectos es muy profesional, entendieron lo que quería modificar en casa
3 년 전
프로젝트 날짜: 1월 2016
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