Mimayris Proje ve Yapı Ltd. Şti.: Ankara 건축가
Mimayris Proje ve Yapı Ltd. Şti.
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Mimayris Proje ve Yapı Ltd. Şti.
Mimayris Proje ve Yapı Ltd....
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Creating projects, ideas and designs addressed to the needs of today and tomorrow, Mimayris woks continuously with the effort to offer you high-quality and healthy living spaces.

Following the developing and evolving technology and developing original and devoted projects with our team of expert architectures and engineers, we not only design new living spaces, but also give a novel touch to your life by redesigning the living spaces, having lost their attraction, with a weak potential of satisfying your needs. We seek to meet the needs of tomorrow on this day, right now, by supporting the fund of knowledge with the developments in the field of architecture. As Mimayris, our priority is to never diverge from the direction of our mission&vision. Will to succeed, honesty, customer satisfaction, globalization and contributing to the society are some of the basic values of Mimayris, constituting one of the driving powers of the corporate strategy. We aim to invest in the future and leave a mark to the tomorrow by giving the touch of an artist to each work we create through designs that push the limits to create projects that are addressed to the nature and people. It will always be our highest priority to contribute to architecture and architectural design globally without losing the authentic spirit of architecture, and be the leading firm in the architecture sector. Attributing the utmost importance to customer satisfaction through high-standard service and materials, having respect for the ideas, time and rights of its customers, making an effort to fulfill its responsibilities towards humanity, nature and global values, Mimayris will always be trying to create healthy living spaces that will diversify our projects and the architecture.

Cevizlidere Mah. 1238. Cad. No:5/1 Balgat – Çankaya
06520 Ankara
+90-3124720708 www.mimayris.com
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