Judith Byberg: (Va) Italy 디자이너
Judith Byberg
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Judith Byberg
Judith Byberg
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I was born in Roskilde, in Denmark, in 1963. I moved to Italy in 1976 and obtained my school leaving certificate from an School of Arts. I continued my studies at the Milan Polytechnic, from where I graduated in 1989 with a degree in architecture, discussing a thesis project in Industrial Design.  I worked in the studio of Carlotta de Bevilacqua from 1989 to 1994, developing projects for interior design, graphic design and exhibition spaces. More recently I have designed products for Piazza and Virutex Ilko in the household-ware and kitchenware sectors. Approximately one year ago I began working with felt and with other natural materials.

My work covers a range of different sectors, while maintaining uniformity in terms of aims and language. The shapes are soft and organic. The colours bright, the material clearly apparent. I used mind and hands at the same time in order to design: many of my designs are self-produced, in the best Scandinavian tradition. Each object, house, lamp is a small invention. Substance before form, and therefore destined to last.

intend to re-discover an essential element of our culture, taking a step back in the attempt to break the negative trend of consumerism and waste. The most appropriate material for this was found to be felt, due both to its ancient origins and to the purity of the textile itself, and to the fact that its production does not involve any polluting industrial processes. I experimented with textures and languages, with different modes of utilization, which will inevitably be transferred to the user, who will control the processes of self-construction, re-utilization and re-cycling.

Led lights, a new low-consumption luminous source, is a low heat light. This feature allowed me to break away of the usual pattern: base, stem, warm light source, lampshade, and to envisage new typologies: carpet-lamps, windbreak-lamps, tapestry-lamps. My concept was aimed at issues of ecology and self-production. The lamp consists of a simple frame which anyone can put together. In this case, the felt textile is the only part delivered, together with instructions on how to make the frame.

Felt is an appropriate material for creating objects that last through time, that can be remodeled easily and used for other purposes. The same object can become a vase, a coin tray, a lamp, a fruit bowl...

is a felt panel to attach to the wall, with openings holding small succulent plants. Everyone can construct his own domestic garden, a natural picture in which felt and wood are the only construction elements.

Judith Byberg Via Al Porto 36 Ispra
21027 (Va) Italy
+39-3492287345 sites.google.com/site/judithbybergarchitettodesigner/home


la conosco da alcuni anni è una grande designer e grafica
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